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Fai Ali Faiz / Duquede / Miguel Poveda / Chicuelo - Qawwali-Flamenco (2005)

Our Qawwali-Flamenco project was born out of the idea of joining together two great vocal traditions, both devolving on the theme of the relationship between the human with the divine, or the divine with the human, whether in sorrow or in joy, and both using the combination of a powerful lyric sustained by dance-rhythms and hand-clapping.

Three exceptional vocalists, Qawwali master Faiz Ali Faiz with his ensemble, and Flamenco singers Duquende and Miguel Poveda, accompanied by guitarist Chicuelo, have lent themselves to this musical exchange of views under the direction of Martina A. Catella.

The show was first staged in Barcelona in 2003 and repeated in July 2004 at the ‘Southern Festival' then at a number of other festivals and events, to great acclaim, testimony to the fact that, the odd similarity in musical vocabulary and a shared level of creativity apart, it is common human questioning that really engages the emotions, as it has done here.

This recording made in 2005 comes as a double CD with a DVD version appearing on 9th March which the high points of this wonderful musical adventure will be revisited or discovered anew.

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