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Jonathan Liebesman - Rings (2005)

Imdb User Comment:
Find me one single equally terrifying fifteen minute short, 14 July 2009
Author: Grann-Bach from Denmark

This is best described as a prologue for The Ring Two(and it is located on the DVD of it), and it relies on the viewer already knowing the concept as explained in the first(American remake) movie. It sets up the sequel, and scares the crap out of us, all in less than twenty minutes(!). Seriously, apart from the fact that this does use stuff that has already been gone into in the franchise, it manages to deliver exposition, give us characters to sympathize with and shoot us full of a healthy dose of fear. The pace is fast, but never too much so, and the frightening parts are still heavily based on build-up, mood and atmosphere(and frankly, no gore, none, and it works beautifully). All of the acting performances are solid. The editing and cinematography are energetic and creative, and there is really no point in this where it slows down, and yet it doesn't feel rushed. Sound and music are perfect, absolutely spot-on. The idea here is very well-thought out, and they get excellent moments out of it. This is immensely effective, and if you have the opportunity to watch it, and you have the knowledge required beforehand. I recommend it to anyone who is into psychological horror. 10/10

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