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Mikio Naruse - Yogoto no yume aka Every Night Dreams (1933)

In this film, Sumiko Kurishima plays a woman whose husband had deserted her, following the birth of her child. For lack of any better option, she has been forced to support her son and herself as working as a hostess at a waterfront bar. When her ne'er-do-well husband (Tatsuo Saito) returns, her first impulse is to reject him, but her neighbors prevail on her to give him a second chance. Saito proves to be a thoughtful father and a loving husband, but in depression-stricken Tokyo is unable to find work (and is deeply embarrassed that his wife must support the family in the tawdry way she does). When his child is injured in an accident, he tries to get money to pay for medical care by committing a robbery. His wife refuses the money, urging him to turn himself in...

Mikio Naruse (1905-1969) is considered to be, along with Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasujiro Ozu, one of the three greatest Japanese directors of his generation. After a decade of apprenticeship at the Shochiku studio, Naruse began directing silent films in 1930. He was soon recognized as a major filmmaker in his own country and even attained international acclaim when one of his first sound films, Wife, Be Like a Rose! (1935), was shown abroad including the United States. After the war, he remained a major force in Japanese cinema with such noted films as Mother (1952), Floating Clouds (1955), Flowing (1956) and When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960). Night Dreams.avi Night Night Night Dreams.avi Night Night

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