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Patrick Bouchitey - Lune froide AKA Cold Moon (1991)

SYNOPSIS from amg and IMDb
Simon and Dede are best friends: two aimless drunks who spend their days getting sloshed and any other available time getting laid. Simon is living on unemployment benefits in a trailer parked near his sister's apartment. Dede works at a fish-packing plant on the night shift. Neither man is sensitive, young, or good looking. However, their sang-froid (literally, "cold blood," referring to a quality of imperturbability) stands them in good stead as they go about their seedy lives, picking up one woman and having sex with her on the beach, or when Simon calmly has sex with a prostitute in front of the woman's brother. The film changes when they steal an ambulance. They find out that there's a corpse of a beautiful woman in it. Without telling too much, you'll soon enough know that it ends up with one of them falling in love with the corpse.
This unedifying tale is based on stories by the American writer Charles Bukowski, whose melancholy works have provided endless inspiration for European filmmakers. Froide (Patrick Bouchitey, 1991).avi Froide (Patrick Bouchitey, 1991).srt

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