Rabu, 06 April 2011

Pedro Costa - Ne change rien (2005)

Proving more diversionary than substantive, the black-and-white video short “Ne change rien” features Jeanne Balibar singing three songs in three shots, all on video, excerpts from an ongoing project (that Costa said should be finished by May) about Balibar’s new desire to be a musician. The first song is an original composition, shot in what looks like a green room; its refrain reminds us that “A rose is a rose is a rose.” The second song comes from Jean-Luc Godard, as commissioned by Balibar, and gives the short its title, “Ne change rien.” A busy flurry of samples and swoons both electronic and horned, the song is less interesting than Costa’s composition: Balibar’s face rests centered with the mic on the right in front of an occasionally blinding white light. The third song, written by Kenneth Anger, is called “Torture” and you can barely see Balibar but for the silver of her bare back and the gentle sway of her skirt in the dim constellation of lights on some alien stage. There’s not much to say about this project so far, as much as I can tell, other than that Costa’s eye is impeccable and Balibar’s music is, well, very French. At least her voice is reedy and seductive and the images match the sounds as perfectly as you would imagine. I could make a joke about the refrain of the Anger song (“You’re torturing me…”) but, well, that would be silly and unfair and wrong; it’s the best of the lot.

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