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Peter Del Monte - Invitation Au Voyage (1982)

"Follows the journey of a twin who refuses to accept the death of his sister, a rock singer. The obsession is played fairly well, but it's a no-twin situation, even though the guy can't admit it. Perversity is played to the point of overkill. From the novel "Moi, Ma Soeur Images," by Jean Bany. In French with English subtitles."

...and this film even won awards in Cannes & Sao Paulo film festivals !

imdb plot & comment edited to avoid spoilers :

"Young lovers ask, "What would you do if I died?" In this case, the young lovers are twins, Nina and Lucien, brother and sister. He answers, "I'll make you live again." Then, in an accident, Nina dies. She's been a rocker on the rise, taking Lucien out of a stable where he worked and bringing him into the music business. He seals her body in the case of a bass fiddle, straps it to the top of his car, and travels across France."
(written by {} )

""Invitation Au Voyage" is a film that stays with you for a long time. The story involves a pop singer who dies, electrocuted in a tub of milk. Her twin brother/lover(!) drains the milk into bottles, stuffs her body in a cello case, straps it to the top of his car and embarks on a road trip of the strangest kind.[...] This film is something of a 1980s time capsule, high in the fashions of the day, and boiling over with canned analog synth music. ***/*****. Recommended."

(Author: teptime from fabulous Las Vega$!)

Laurent Malet wearing sunglasses at night

Aurore Clement thinking that she is not a hottie

subway dancefloor

punk dancefloor[CG].avi

no pass

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