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Pola Rapaport - Broken Meat (1991)


A Sensuous Portrait of the Iconoclastic Poet Alan Granville

A film by Pola Rapaport

Director of Photography Wolfgang Held

Music by Vincent Attanasio and Stuart Kollmorgen

A trip along the seamy edges of New York City and a voyage through the consciousness of the mad beat poet Alan Granville.

BROKEN MEAT captures Alan's New York, stripped of its glittering surface: a strange, deserted place.

A comic nihilist who trashes sensitive social issues, Granville himself has experienced

homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness.

But his humorous style of describing them succeeds in touching us on emotional, intellectual and philosophical levels.

Its atmospheric black and white photography, by award-winning cinematographer Wolfgang Held

gives the film the beat feeling of the 1950's.

Alan's poetry finally leads us to the mysterious salt mountains which evoke freedom and the power of imagination.

A film that offers the chance to be swept along by a cinematic experience.


Leningrad Message to Man, New Orleans and Hawaii Film Festivals,

IDFA nominee for Joris Ivens Prize Award for Cinematography (Wolfgang Held),

Oberhausen International Film Festival


Sundance Film Festival • Edinburgh • Pesaro • Cork • Munich Filmmuseum • Flaherty Seminar


Sundance Channel • WNET/ Ch 13 Reel New York • SBS/Australia • 3-SAT/ZDF/Germany

"Funky, excellent, neo-beatnik... tough and funny.

A must see, especially for poets"

-- Baltimore City Paper

"Mesmerizing... perfect documentary... offers a world where even humor

and whimsy lurk in dark places"

-- Park Record on the occasion of screening at the Sundance Film Festival

"Hip and adventurous. Granville's weathered soul provides a fascinating enigma,

explored here with great humor and insight.

Wolfgang Held's cinematography is stark and seductive"

— Baltimore Film Forum

"A visual joy"

-- Chicago New Reader

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