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Ralph Thomas - A Pair of Briefs (1962)


A recently-qualified barrister is annoyed when he finds his firm is taking on the boss's niece. The two youngsters soon find themselves in court on opposite sides in a case on the restitution of conjugal rights where both plaintiff and defendant seem to have things to hide. The irascible and rather fearsome judge has little time for the goings-on, least of all the way the two young lawyers seem rather too keen to squabble with each other.

Plot Synopsis by Sandra Brennan

In this drama, two young attorneys working for their uncle, find themselves facing off in court. One of the is defending a wife; the other, her husband who is suing for conjugal rights. As both lawyers are fresh from law school, things in court are often chaotic, and they suffer several fiascoes to the point where the judge is ready to disbar them. At the end of the tumultuous case, it looks as if the wife will win, when the other lawyer learns that the wife was afraid her husband would blackmail her if he found out that she was already married to a millionaire. Finally all is resolved and justice served. The two lawyers then decide to get married.

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