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Raoul Ruiz - De grands événements et des gens ordinaires AKA Of Great Events and Ordinary People (1978)

I am involved in editing a film which is a report on a district of Paris during the elections, as seen by a Chilean, and becomes a report on the process of reporting. What we call documentary reporting is in fact impossible in a developed country like France. It is a genre suited only to udnerdeveloped countries of the Third World. There is no subject here for such a film. When someone in interviewed, me for example, I give only official answers. I act as much like the President as myself.

So I am making a film on the misunderstanding of documentary as a genre. In practice, one takes isolated pieces of speech and gesture and attempts to organise them in the kind of fiction which is the theme of documentary; whereas when one gathers documents, or when image and sound are heterogeneous to any degree, the actual tendency is toward dispersion. I have taken advantage of this dispersion to begin my film in a district of Paris and end it in New Guinea.

From what I understand, the program was not aired on French television until 1983.

From Robert Brown, "De grands événements et des gens ordinaires", Monthly Film Bulletin. 52:612/613 (1985), p.83:

Ostensibly, a documentary report on the 12th arrondissement of Paris during the National Assembly election, as seen by a Chilean exile over a ten-day period. Effectively, a report on the process of reporting. Images investigate the inside and outside of the film-maker's home in the 12th arrondissement, while friends and neighbors are asked what a film about the district should show. The interviews (and quotes from John Grierson) alternate with sporadic voice-over comments such as, "What we're filming now has already been filmed... the narrator of the film remembers that he came from the other side of the world". grands evenements et de gens ordinaires.mpeg grands evenements et de gens ordinaires.mpeg

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