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Raoul Ruiz - Días de campo AKA Days in the Country (2004)

In a bar in Santiago, two old men talk over their past. This is a strange discussion. In fact, they talk of themselves as if they were dead. We don't know what is true or false, what is dream or reality.

IMDB User Review

Excellent movie, albeit a bit slow
30 November 2005 | by roman-15 (Santiago, Chile)

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Raúl (or Raoul) Ruiz is a very prolific cinematographer that's not very well known in Chile. "Dias de Campo" was made in 2004 an has only now been shown in our theater circuit.

This film is truly excellent. There's a constant interplay about time and reality that may get a bit bewildering, but is albeit fascinating.

One of the things that really got me was that Raul Ruiz really understands the customs and traditions of our country life: quite tranquil on the surface, but with very deep undertows.

So, I really loved this film and want to see it again, to understand it on deeper levels.

The only *spoiler* is that sometime the rhythm gets *very* slow sometimes. I know this is probably deliberate, but for the average moviegoer (even the well informed moviegoer) it might be a turnoff.

So a truly magnificent film, but not for the average moviegoer...

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