Senin, 04 April 2011

Romeo Carey - The Devil's Gas [+ More] (1990)

Included :

- A Tribute to Timothy Carey (preview shown before a screening of The World's Greatest Sinner)

- "The Godfarter" - (Screen-Test) In 1994 Timothy Carey wanted to play the role of Don Altobello the 80 year-old patriarch subsequently played by Eli Wallach. Francis Ford Coppola wanted Carey in Godfather I and II . Carey turned down both opportunities. Two decades later, Carey was called upon again for the third and final story of the fictional Corleone crime family. To prove to Coppola that he could play an 80 year-old, Carey set-out to produce and direct himself in what would be his final project.

- The Devil’s Gas is a film short by Romeo Carey. Stars Timothy Carey as Professor Petrol who gives a lecture on the art of farting that sends one student into a Dalian nightmare. Carey’s lecture is worth the price of this ticket.

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