Selasa, 19 April 2011

Thomas Clay - Soi Cowboy (2008)

Danish expatriate Tobias Christensen (Nicolas Bro) is a struggling filmmaker who shares an apartment with his girlfriend (Pimwalee Thampanyasan), who is pregnant with their first child. Tobias met his girl after he moved to Bangkok; she was working as a prostitute in the city's Soi Cowboy district, which is crowded with brothels, bars and sex clubs, and he rescued her from life on the street. However, while she seems grateful and affectionate towards Tobias, she isn't especially attracted to him and she's concerned about the lack of security in his line of work. The woman is still in contact with some of her friends from her days working in Soi Cowboy, and she learns that things have taken a turn for the worse for her pal Cha, who is an errand boy for a Thai mob boss. Cha's brother, who also works on the fringes of the underworld, has mysteriously disappeared, and he sets out on a journey to find her, while the semi-happy couple pays a visit to Ayutthaya to see the sights.

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