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Tolga Örnek - Kaybedenler Kulübü (2011)

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I never heard this much truth in a movie before
8 April 2011 | by inancyuce

As a youngster who grew up in Kadıköy, I heard many familiar words, I saw many familiar places while watching this awesome masterpiece.

The thing, that distinguished this movie from the usual trivial ones, was the way it connected all these familiar places and words to construct an overwhelming composition of thought and emotion rewriting the philosophy of love according to the contemporary male manifest.

I doubted that this movie would be that good before seeing it as I saw many negative comments about it as well as a few positive ones. After seeing it though I have no doubt that this was the best Turkish movie ever made, even better than "Issız Adam". It kept me thinking for hours and it brought me to tears sometimes.

If you think that you are lonely; this movie will show you another way of being lonely which is no better than being the usual loner anyhow. It will cause you to go swinging in opposite directions like a pendulum until you are completely lost and decide that there are many lessons to be taken but no absolute truth at all.

And finally you will find yourself wandering in the streets of Kadıköy, where the movie is shot, after so many years contemplating about your past while trying to create a better future and being in between, losing both. Welcome to the losers' club.. - 701.8 MB

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