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Türkan Soray - Dönüs Aka The Return (1972)

The rich landowner of the village, Reşit bey, is about to seize the field belonging to Gülcan´s family who is in debt. Gülcan defies him, Reşit is captivated and leaves the family in peace for a while. He has his eye on Gülcan who rejects him. Then Gülcan marries the poor İbrahim. They both dream of founding a family, cultivating the field and becoming prosperous in the village. A boy is born, named Hasan. When they can´t pay their debts and the property is again in danger of being seized, İbrahim decides to leave for Germany as an immigrant worker. He writes letters home which Gülcan who cannot read has read aloud by the village elders. Reşit starts a terror campaign against Gülcan to break down her resistance, having her house torn down, her chicken killed, her crops burned. The proud Gülcan takes her cow which is all she has, and asks Reşit to take that too, it´ll be less trouble for him.

Then İbrahim arrives from Germany, laden with gifts. He still loves Gülcan, but dreams of the comforts of a Western lifestyle, chic clothes, electricity, running water. He even talks of moving to a city in the future. When he leaves again, Gülcan feels somthing is broken. Still she keeps waiting for him. As no letters from İbrahim arrive, the village elders fake a letter. Gülcan suspects this and starts taking private reading and writing lessons from the village teacher. She is slandered, the villagers claim she has an affair with the teacher, they try to stone her, she flees to her house.

She then tries to leave the village with her baby on her arms. While crossing a river she is attacked by four henchmen of Reşit, who has sworn to turn her into the village whore. They try to rape her. The baby is drowned. In her grief, Gülcan refuses to have the baby buried, she locks herself with the baby in her house and awaits the arrival of her husband from Germany. Finally the teacher convinces her to bury the baby.

She is now completety worn out, Reşit repeats his wooing. She pretends to follow him. When they cross the river where the baby was drowned she shoots him. She returns to the village. At the same time, İbrahim had been arriving from Germany in his car, with his new wife and their baby. Just before Gülcan arrives back in the village, the car has an accident, İbrahim and his new wife are killed. Gülcan discovers the dead bodies and their baby which had been bruised but unharmed. She comforts the crying baby in her arms.

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