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Various - L'amour à vingt ans AKA Love at Twenty (1962)

Imdb User Review

14 January 2002 | by Daniel Karlsson (Sweden)

This picture is worth watching just for Truffaut's terrific's too great for words. What a wonderful time that most have been back then when teenagers went to Mussorgsky recitals... not very common today, unfortunately. Anyway. Unlike American films which often show love in a artificial way, Truffaut and the other directors of the New Wave show realistic love, how it can be in real life. I love the way they film. The next episode (in Rome) is not quite as good as Truffaut's. In fact, it's real horrible. It almost ruins in otherwise a great film. The Japanese part is very good, but weird. I can't see why there must always be someone who dies in every Japanese film. The final episode in Poland is the 2nd best in the set. To conclude, I liked this movie a lot. It's the sort of film that makes you happy afterwards. And it's funny too. 5 out of 5?

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