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Victor Fleming - The Wet Parade (1932)

Directed by Victor Fleming, Wet Parade chronicles the effects of alcoholism and Prohibition on the lives of two families from very different backgrounds. The Tarletons reside in New York City, where the family patriarch - Walter Huston - repeatedly drowns himself in liquor and local bars. The Chilcote family has the same type of problem, though they live in the deep south. Colonal Roger Chilcote - Lewis Stone - also drinks heavily, and illegally makes his income by selling moonshine. Ultimately, both families are torn apart by the alcoholism. The two stories collide when Kip Tarleton - Robert Young - and Maggie May - Dorothy Jordan - both children of alcoholic fathers, join in a common fight against alcohol, feeling it was a key factor in the destruction of their lives.
Wet Parade also features actor Jimmy Durante in a small role as a bearded federal agent. Wet Parade.avi

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