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Walter Lima Jr. - A Ostra e o Vento aka The Oyster and the Wind (1997)

Marcela, a thirteen-year-old girl lives on an island with no other inhabitants other than her father, a lighthouse keeper. Marcela's father is jealously possessive of his child and she finds no outlets for the desires she is beginning to experience other than a strange relationship with the wind who she names Saulo.

A film likely to influence many others
This film takes a simple story and tells it in a layered and time-spliced fashion that is truly unique. A group of sailors arrive at an island. They are there to deliver supplies to the lighthouse and investigate why no radio contact for some time. The place is as deserted and eerie as that in L'Avventura and only yields it's secrets through a series of set pieces weaving timelines in the story together, delivering the events that lead to the current point in time. Characters from different times walk through the same scenes, commenting on each others actions as the drama unfolds on camera.

Article by LAWRENCE VAN GELDER, The New York Times:
From a stubby supply boat anchored offshore, a small group of seafarers wades onto a windswept outcropping in the ocean surmounted by a towering white lighthouse.

In the agitated grass, the pages of a diary flap. In the main dwelling, the food on the stove is still warm. High over the island, blood stains a window of the lighthouse. There is no sign of life.

So begins ''The Oyster and the Wind,'' a mysterious, intense, well acted and visually alluring exploration of the dark undercurrents of a father-daughter relationship by the Brazilian filmmaker Walter Lima Jr. (''Above the Earth, Below the Sky,'' ''Brazil, Year 2000'').

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