Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Alain Cavalier - Le filmeur aka Filmman (2005)

"The first duty of a radical filmmaker is to shatter the dominant modes of representation – to destroy the illusion, to overthrow the tyranny of narrative."

Alain Cavalier is such a filmmaker.

What better lesson in filmmaking and life is there than a sojourn with a master who shows us that life's sweetest events are probably right under your nose? Veteran Auteur Alain Cavalier recorded every incident and accident that happened to him - and his remarkably patient wife - for 10 years during which he battles skin cancer and loses both his parents. The concepts of "autobiography" and "slice of life" reach new heights in this endearingly freeform, somewhat experimental documentary that is never less than fascinating. filmeur.avi filmeur.avi

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