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Alain Corneau - France société anonyme aka France Inc. (1974)

Alain Corneau's first feature opens in the year 2222. A nude cyclist with an oily bum resuscitates a 300-year old drug baron (Michel Bouquet), who recounts in flashback the key moment in French history when the government decided to promote the use of drugs. After that it gets a bit weird...

Review by dima-12 at IMDb:

Alain Corneau became famous for his tight and realistic crime films and precise historical chronicles even though many of his features actually tackle other subjects. His debut, translated to English as 'France Inc.' is a Godardian excursion into the world of high-class drug dealers who coexist in the same universe as heads of state and legal businessmen. One day, the heads of France decide that it would be smart to legalize drugs and suddenly the whole drug trafficking world realizes that the entire dope business was an ideological agenda, and that when state starts controlling the dope business, you won't know what you're actually taking.

This plot seems more intriguing than it is presented in Corneau's film itself. The whole storyline is sacrificed to the auteur's rude and openly critical spoof of the social environment. But as the lampooning of society goes, in Corneau's case, it also spoofs the film's narrative structure. So, while laughing at the world, Corneau laughs at the typical grammar of realistic cinema dedicated to presenting that world. This option would be legitimate, had Corneau found the way to actually act and direct smarter then the old guys who invented the damn movie grammar. Sadly, he fails to be smarter than them, so in the end, he winds up as a barely competent debutant whose ironic discourse isn't supported by credibility. Societe Anonyme.avi Societe Anonyme.avi

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