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Alain Corneau - La Menace aka The Threat (1977)

A specialist in the French policier and a lifelong jazz enthusiast, Corneau teamed up with his favored actor Montand, cinematographer Pierre-William Glenn, and composer/saxophonist Gerry Mulligan for this suspenseful noir thriller about a love triangle that leads to a possible murder. Mulligan's symphonic score, arguably his best, is notable for its shifting tempos, melodic variations, and use of acoustic and electronic pianos and Moog synthesizers.

Plot Synopsis
After many years of managing a trucking concern for his lover Dominique (Marie Dubois), Savin (Yves Montand) is planning to leave her for the girl who is bearing his child. Hysterical, Dominique threatens suicide then goes to a meeting between Savin and the girl and tries everything she can think of to get them to break up, from bribery to abuse. Frustrated by her failure to budge the two, she climbs onto a parapet overlooking a cliff, and falls to her death. Though they did not have a hand in her fall, Savin insists that they lie about the encounter.

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