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András Szirtes - Hajnal AKA Dawn (1973 - 1979)

Dawn / Hajnal (orig.)

András Szirtes / Hungary / 21 min

His poetic film opus Dawn/ Hajnal (1973–1980) was being born during several years, using nine hours of raw material and six thousand photographical motives.

psychedelia - three sentences - slow, fast, slow - empty factories losing substance - revolution told through anthropomorphic bubbles - greenhouse: a model of the world - final scene: amazing panning shot of daybreak - the sound of a train, fade to white - freeze-frame: the person crossing the tracks leaves behind traces - politics: final scene shot in Lodz in the year 1980

Szirtes's masterful experimental work is a dazzling composition of several years of filming within an industrial macro/microcosm, an abstract model of revolution and the beauty of daybreak.

Director, Screenplay, Dir. of Photography, Editing, Music : András Szirtes aka Hajnal (Andras Szirtes, 1973-1979).avi aka Hajnal (Andras Szirtes, 1973-1979).avi

Subtitles:none, no dialoges

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