Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Andrés Duque - Paralelo 10 (2006)

Documentary, 26min, 2005
In a corner of Barcelona, a Filipino woman makes every day a magical geometrical ritual which meaning remains hidden to the viewer. “Her love for the world keeps her away from the world” -says the voiceover- “There are connections everywhere, but they are hidden”. In Parallel 10, there is no attempt to explain the other, but to grant a place to that otherness where the protagonist can be deployed in all its complexity. Andrés Duque works from and for the fascination of an outsider, registering her intimate choreography and suggesting with delicate lightness, these potential connections Duque Paralelo 10 (English).avi
or Duque Paralelo 10 (English).part1.rar Duque Paralelo 10 (English).part2.rar

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