Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Athina Rachel Tsangari - Attenberg (2010)

In a small, seaside industrial town, 23-year-old Marina maintains an exceptionally close relationship with her architect father, who is dying of cancer. Her only sexual knowledge comes from her friend Bella, with whom she practices kissing, and she remains an observer of mankind, emulating Sir David Attenborough whose animal programs she enjoys. While preparing for her father’s imminent death, Marina discovers her own sexuality with a visiting engineer.
ATTENBERG embraces the abstract and theatrical in choreographed interludes and wild-animal pantomimes, but provides an essential emotional point of access in the profound father-daughter bond. An unconventional coming-of-age film, ATTENBERG is the story of a girl-woman who comes to terms with sex and death as natural parts of life.

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