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Bretaigne Windust - The Enforcer (1951)

The Enforcer is a black-and-white 1951 film, considered film noir, starring Humphrey Bogart. Based on the Murder, Inc. trials, the plot unfolds largely in flashback. Directed by Bretaigne Windust with uncredited help from Raoul Walsh, who shot most of the film's suspenseful moments, including the ending. The opening narration is voiced by Estes Kefauver, who was chairing a Senate investigation into organized crime in 1951.


Humphrey Bogart stars as a crusading district attorney working against the clock to prosecute a mob boss, played by Everett Sloane. Bogart reviews his case, via movie flashbacks, against the racketeer, who has killed off anyone that has threatened to testify against him.
Humphrey Bogart and Roy Roberts in The Enforcer
Humphrey Bogart and Roy Roberts in The Enforcer

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