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Dean DeBlois - Go Quiet (2010)

Dean DeBlois, who also directed 2007's Heima for Sigur Rós, had this to say of the film's intent: "The concept behind ‘Go Quiet’ was simple: it’s New Year’s Day in Reykjavík, and Jónsi awakens to a trashed house in the wake of his party. He avoids cleaning up and instead procrastinates by playing songs that reflect the night before, the bittersweetness of new year, and the melancholy of a year gone by".

Go Quiet is a music film directed by Dean DeBlois, featuring acoustic renditions of all nine songs from the 2010 album Go by Jón Þór (Jónsi) Birgisson. The film was created as a counterpart to the lavishly produced studio tracks of Go, with an emphasis on stripped-down intimacy. Go Quiet was filmed in Reykjavík during New Year, 2010, and features the festive sights and sounds of New Year's Eve in Iceland.

ónsi - Go quiet.avi

Language:Music a.k.a. International
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