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Declan Lowney - Help (2005)

First aired on BBC 2 in Feb.-April 2005.

‘Help’ deservedly won the BAFTA 2006 Best Comedy Series award and the 2005 Best Make-Up Design RTS Television award. It features the remarkable Paul Whitehouse (‘The Fast Show’, et. al.) playing no less than 24 patients of psychiatrist Chris Langham (‘The Thick of It’, et. al.).
Kev McReady on IMDb: “Over the six episodes, we see Langham counsel a wide variety of Whitehouse’s characters - a "mind invader", a man who has beaten his wife, a feuding chav couple, a TV chef driven mad by members of the public using his catchphrase "Don't go mad, just a sprinkle!", a Mick'n'Keef pair of band members. Best of all is Monty, an elderly Jewish cabbie who is caring for his wife suffering from Altzhiemers. Characters appear, re-appear in different episodes. This is not a linear process, much like the counselling process itself. Do yourself a favour...get some ‘Help.’” This is a comedy gem. - S1EP01.avi - S1EP02.avi - S1EP03.avi - S1EP04.avi - S1EP05.avi - S1EP06.avi - S1EP01.avi - S1EP02.avi - S1EP03.avi - S1EP04.avi - S1EP05.avi - S1EP06.avi

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