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Ertem Egilmez - Hababam sinifi tatilde AKA The Dunce Class on Vacation (1978)

From imdb
Ali Senay Say:

One of the Hababam Sinifi series, and as great as others. Even these series shot in late 70s, they are still popular and having rating records in Turkey. Most people criticize these series for the language it has, and the language has partially censored on t.v.'s which makes the movies like a peacock with one color. The most amusing part is censored.

For the ones who are non-Turkish, it may seem like a stupid serie but you should watch it in original sound, undertitled so you can get the amusing dialogs and facial expressions better. Especially, Saban character should be watched with his original voice to get entertained.

Lastly, this series is shot in late 70s and all episodes are really nice and will be watched again and again. Thanks a lot the whole cast and director that they have shot this serie which became a classic in Turkey. Special thanks to Kemal Sunal (Saban in the movie) and GOD take care of him, you took him early so he has to be special for you too.

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