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Fred Niblo - Sex (1920)

Plot Outline: A broadway actress uses her sex appeal to ruin a marriage only to dump her lover for a richer prospect.

Theda Bara was the first of the great vamps, but by the late 1910s she was being eclipsed by a new breed of screen temptresses. The best-remembered of these was Louise Glaum, whose first claim to fame was as the perennial bad-girl dance-hall queen in William S. Hart's westerns. From there, she took leading roles in a string of torrid melodramas: lurid films bearing titles like "A Law Unto Herself" and "Sweetheart of the Doomed." She topped herself with "Sex" in 1920, just as the age of the vamp was coming to a close. Here she plays a cabaret star who lures married men to amorous disaster. Her spiderweb costume is a treat in itself: the symbolism may not be subtle but it certainly is apt! Organ score by Bob Vaughn.

The bad news, in a review from divonewyorkese from New York, NY, United States on IMDB:

Despite the enticingly frank title this is actually a morality tale of a woman who is done to as she has done unto others. The costumes and sets are deliriously bizarre and outré and the direction solid. Miss Glaum, a Theda Bara competitor, is a solid and attractive actress who seems a touch wholesome compared to more recent screen hussies. Whereas Theda Bara seems to have played women who were beyond redemption, Glaum does succumb to the lure of marital contentment only to discover that her former protegé has snagged her rich, indolent playboy husband. Ms. Glaum in her full vamp mode wears a lot of loose, off the shoulder gowns, smokes up a storm and knocks down alcoholic beverages with gusto. Except for some smooching and a few legs on the lap, not much of the titular activity is seen on the screen though heavily implied.

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