Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

Frederick Wiseman - Manoeuvre (1979)

"I'm interested in normal behavior, what passes
for normal behavior. I'm interested in how the institutions reflect
the larger cultural hues, so that, in a sense, it's like tracking the
abominable snowman (Yeti); in the sense that you're looking for cultural spoors
wherever you go. You find traces of them in the institutions."

MANOEUVRE follows a U.S. infantry tank company through NATO’s annual fall manoeuvres in Western Europe. One purpose of these war games is to test how quickly and effectively U.S. reinforcements can come to the aid of NATO forces stationed in Europe. The various stages of the training exercise, including defensive and offensive tactics, and hypothetical wins and losses are seen from the point of view of a company fighting a simulated, conventional, non-nuclear ground and air war.

no pass
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