Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Gabriele Salvatores - Quo Vadis, Baby? (2005)

"A clever, classy crime thriller from acclaimed director Gabriele Salvatores, whose previous film, I'm not Scared (screened in the Festival in 2003) was one of the biggest critical and commercially successful Italian films to play in the UK for many years. Quo Vadis Baby? (which takes its title from a line of dialogue in Last Tango in Paris) follows a feisty female private investigator, in a rut personally and professionally, who decides to re-investigate her sister's suicide of some 16 years previously. Watching video diary tapes that her sister made before her death and interviewing friends and her own family, a shocking and sad portrait of her sister's life as a would-be model and actress begins to emerge, that also reflects and illuminates her own idiosyncratic existence. Packed with clever and knowing cinematic references, made with supreme skill and visual style, Quo Vadis Baby? is a sophisticated and surprising noir film, that manages to both be exciting and distinctive."
-Adrian Wootton

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