Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Hartmut Bitomsky - Staub (2007)

Bitomsky's statement:

A speck of dust is just about perceptible to the naked eye. It's the smallest visible subject a film can be about – it's a medium of disappearance and a criteria of perception. Wherever we go, it has already beaten us; wherever we turn, it follows us. It is our past, our present and our future. It is universal and has a name in every language. It keeps housewives busy, as well as scientists, inventors, artists and entire industrial branches. It is blamed for feeding vermin and causing illness. It takes ownership of our possessions, it penetrates laboratories, it creates planets and galaxies. We're surrounded by it, it gets inside us, we shed it... It nestles right into the despair of its own existence. (hartmut bitomsky, 2007).avi (hartmut bitomsky, 2007).idx (hartmut bitomsky, 2007).sub
or (hartmut bitomsky, 2007).part1.rar (hartmut bitomsky, 2007).part2.rar (hartmut bitomsky, 2007).part3.rar (hartmut bitomsky, 2007).part4.rar

Subtitles:english, italian, spanish - idx

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