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Jack Hill - The Jezebels AKA Switchblade Sisters (1975)

"Switchblade," like most of its genre cousins, tries to live up to the impact of its generative poster, and it comes very close to delivering what the artwork promises. The gang girls, in their willingness to entertain by giving offense to "community standards of decency," and with their coarse, unrelenting impulsiveness, laid the groundwork for such latter-day, fashionable, "pulp" directors as Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Roger Avary. For historical and other, less fancy, reasons, Patch, Lace and Maggie are definitely worth a closer look. (Bob Stephens, San Francisco Chronicle)

Acting and logic aside, SWITCHBLADE SISTERS uses its campy presentation to hold your attention throughout. There are some powerful scenes that will surprise viewers who expect the usual goofball exploitation clichés. There are some unexpected brutal remarks and odd comedic bits—such as the prostitution ring in the high school lavatories—that will keep exploitation fans entertained. Plus its always enjoyable to make fun of mid-seventies pop culture like roller skating, disco music, and poor fashions. Quentin Tarentino really shows his appreciation for the film and exploitation in general, so its nice to see a title of this caliber get the deluxe DVD treatment. It’s even better to have the Jack Hill along for the ride. Miramax really serves up a great presentation and extras and I find myself looking forward to the next Rolling Thunder release. (Phil Chandler, DVDCult)

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