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Jesus Franco - Sadomania - Hölle der Lust AKA Hellhole Women [+Extras] (1981)


allmovie wrote:
Filmmaker Jesús Franco, director of such low-budget exploitation flicks as Vampyros Lesbos and Killer Barbys vs. Dracula, helmed this 1981 X-rated women-in-prison film. The plot concerns a pair of newlyweds who are kidnapped while driving through Spain and taken to a prison run by sadistic lesbian warden Magda Urtado, played by transsexual porn actress Ajita Wilson. Once in the clutches of Urtado, the couple is witness to rape, bestiality, sadomasochism, and sex-slavery as the nymphomaniac warden attempts to quench her insatiable thirst for carnality. Banned in the United Kingdom, Sadomania also stars former Playboy Playmate Ursula Buchfellner.


- Sadomaniac - Interview with Director Jesus Franco
- Theatrical Trailers

Language:English, Spanish (one audio track)
Subtitles: English for Spanish (.srt)
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