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John Farrow - Wake Island (1942)

Plot Summary:
In November 1941, Major Caton takes command of the small Marine garrison on Wake Island. His tendency toward spit and polish upsets the men's tropical lassitude, but Pearl Harbor changes everything. Soon the island is attacked and the Marines pull together day by day; but how long can they hold out?

Review by Dennis Schwartz:

The film is basically an enactment of the heroic defense of Wake Island (a sandy strip of volcanic land used as an airplane refueling post before it was changed to a defensive post in 1940 and 1941) by a small garrison of hard-bitten marines and civilian construction workers from the relentless Japanese attack, who bravely held out for two weeks in December of 1941 before overcome by the overwhelming Japanese forces. Brian Donlevy plays the marine leader Major Caton, a strikingly calm and collected figure who exudes courage and confidence just by his persona. In the moment of truth when asked to surrender by the Japanese, he replies "Tell 'em to come and get us." Albert Dekker plays no-nonsense gung-ho construction boss McClosky, who's willing not only to dig trenches but pick up a rifle. Macdonald Carey plays ace bomber pilot Lt. Bruce Cameron, who takes on an heroic suicide mission after he learns his wife (Barbara Britton) was killed at Pearl Harbor. William Bendix plays scrappy Pvt. Aloysius Randall, a part offering comic relief in which he received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. When Bendix is told by his best buddy (Robert Preston), with whom he has an amusing ongoing feud as if they were a married couple, the Japanese are destroying the island, he replies "Whatd'ya care? It ain't your island, is it?"

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