Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

José Ramón Larraz - The House That Vanished aka Scream... and Die! (1973)

"Spanish sexploitation merchant Joseph Larraz helmed this mystery about a model who witnesses a killing; when she tries to convince the authorities of what happened, she realizes she no longer can find the murder site. Also titled Scream and Die." - All Movie Guide

"The films Larraz made in England were similar in some ways to other English sexploitation film from the time, particularly those made by Pete Walker. Walker is generally regarded as the best of the British sexploitation directors, distinguished from the rest by the fact that his films had an edge..... Larraz's films were more menacing than Walker's, they were made with more care and had an aura of danger that was virtually relentless." - Cathal Tohill and Pete Tombs, Immoral Tales
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