Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Ken Loach - The Wednesday Play: In Two Minds (1967)

A young girl, Kate, from a dysfunctional family, is diagnosed as schizophrenic after an alleged attack on her mother. What followed caused a sensation in 1967 when senior psychiatric experts fell over themselves to claim that Kate was not schizophrenic but 'merely' hysterical and depressed - like a vast proportion of the population, who exhibited similar symptoms.
David Mercer ruthlessly and cleverly exposes the hypocrisy of Kate's terrible mother, her father's weakness, and her sister's selfishness. Between them, they have so eroded Kate's confidence and self-esteem that she is incapable of taking control of her own life, and she is trapped in an increasingly suffocating existence as she grows to adulthood. Mercer builds towards his highly dramatic ending most effectively by showing so vividly the effects of this home life on her behaviour, so that the doctor's cool assertion to his students comes as a great shock. Play - In Two Minds.avi

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