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Mario Mattoli - Assunta Spina AKA Scarred (1948)

Assunta Spina, the popular stage drama by Salvatore Di Giacomo, was first filmed in 1913. This pioneering Italian feature has been hailed as a precursor to the postwar neorealist movement, so it stands to reason that the 1947 remake would star the queen of neorealism, Anna Magnani. The original story about a young woman caught in the middle of a deadly Neapolitan vendetta had hardly dated one iota in the intervening three decades. Critics found fault only with leading man Eduardo Di Fillipo, who was considered too old for the part of Magnani's headstrong, hot-blooded lover. Assunta Spina was released in the U.S. as Scarred. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

IMDb Comment: Author: dbdumonteil
Like all the Grandes Dames, La Magnani makes herself wait since she does not appear during the first fourteen minutes. For a movie which lasts about 75 minutes it's much! As soon as she is on the screen she mesmerizes the viewer. Even in an average film like this one, with a relatively mediocre screenplay, La Magnani shines.

She's cast as a semi-whore the people around are always putting down (a lady says: "I do not want to speak ill of her but ....). Her presence in the church is considered a sacrilege (there's the same scene in another Magnani movie :"Volcano"). All her lovers -when she meets a sincere young man who wants to marry her it's too late- are brutes or cowards. It looks like a blueprint for what will be fully achieved in Pasolini's masterful "Mamma Roma". Spina (1948).avi Spina (1948).idx Spina (1948).sub Spina (1948).avi Spina (1948).idx Spina (1948).sub

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