Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Martin Hynes - The Go-Getter (2007)

THE GO-GETTER is the story of Mercer White (Lou Taylor Pucci), a straight-arrow 19 year-old who steals a car and sets out to find his older half-brother he hasn't seen in fourteen years. It turns out to be quite the trip. He's barely out of town when a cell phone left behind in the stolen car begins to ring and Mercer finds himself talking to the car's owner, Kate (Zooey Deschanel). From this point forward, nothing proceeds as expected for Mercer. In Reno, hes seduced by a mysterious and sexy girl (played by Jena Malone) and has a slew of dangerous, humorous and eye-opening encounters. In the end its the wildness of the ride, the thrill of the pursuit and the discovery of a love he never saw coming that set this journey apart.

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