Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Michael Ferris Gibson - Numb (2003)

...follows a young woman named Claire who is on a quest to find her scientist father who abandoned her and her brother several years earlier when she was still a teenager.

The world is in the grip of an unnamed disease that has driven humanity to the brink of desperation. Claire’s father has developed a serum called “The Drip” that keeps the disease at bay to those who use it constantly, but leaves them literally ‘numb” to life and quite useless. Because of this side effect six humans, called Security Agents, were genetically altered to be immune to the numbing effect of the Drip in order to maintain control and organization of the dosing process with most of the surviving humans holed up in the quickly collapsing Yerba City. Even these Security Agents must eventually succumb to the disease. Claire uses the last remaining agent named Miles to help her wade through the waste of humanity at Yerba in search of her father. (2003).avi

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