Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Mikhail Segal - Franz + Polina (2006)

"... "Franz + Polina" by Mikahil Segal = Love. Regardless of war, ethnicity, and time. Pure Love..."
Anatoly Vasiliev (Theatrical Director, Russia)

"... I have a soft corner in my heart for a work of talent. "Franz +Polina" is a talented film. It is made with unexpected, for a debutant, skill and accuracy. While accuracy is a truth of today's time. It allowed the director to read this as old as the hills story in a new fashion."
Pavel Lungin (Film Director, Russia)

"...We strongly recommend to see the Russian film "Franz + Polina" directed by Mikhail Segal, that won the Grand Prix of the 20-th FIPA festival in Biarritz! This story of love against a background of Nazi's barbarity in Belorussia in 1943 stands out by an exceptional cinema quality and indisputably deserves that."
"L'Humanite", France

"...No doubt, in the first place this is a duet, excellently performed story of love..."
"Timeout", Russia

Subtitles:English, Russian (for German|Belarusian speaking parts only)
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