Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Nicholas Hansen - Rash (2005)


RASH is a contemporary story of modern urban Australia and artists making it a living host for illegal artwork called 'street art'.
This film explores the cultural value of unsanctioned public art, and graffiti's contribution to a very public dialogue.

RASH conveys the commitment, ideals and beliefs demonstrated in a thriving alternative art practice.
These artists bang away at the community conscience by sticking this artwork right in the public eye.
The spirit of rebellion is being channelled into street art and these visual conversations are spreading across the walls of Melbourne.
RASH offers a rare insight into graffiti artists' world view.

Melbourne has become an attractive place for both local and visiting graffiti artists who arrive from interstate and overseas to leave their mark via bill posters, stencils, and performance to broadcast their under represented views.
The 2006 Commonwealth Games present local councils with a juggling act - to present a clean and safe city for visitors.

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