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Peter Hammond - Cold Comfort Farm (1968)

The original BBC-TV adaptation of Stella Gibbons' 1932 literary satire, this three part series was selected for the inaugural season of PBS' Masterpiece Theatre. Sarah Badel (Flora), Fay Compton (Aunt Ada) and Alastair Sim (Amos Starkadder) lead a stellar cast through this over-the-top rustic romp.

Flora Poste, a recently orphaned London sophisticate of insubstantial means and no real ambition save becoming the next Jane Austen, cheerfully determines to find a relative who'll take her in. When she chooses an offer from the Starkadders of Cold Comfort Farm in Howling, Sussex, she expects it to "appalling but interesting". And the clutch of Gothic country cousins she finds there doesn't disappoint.


Flora talks over her plan to live off the largess of relatives with her bra-collecting friend Mary Smiling. She settles on an offer from the Starkadders, a Sussex farming family, who sound only too appalling to Mary. After a send-off from her charming cousin Charles, Flora arrives at Cold Comfort Farm and finds it beyond appalling. But there's no turning back - she'd have to face Mary's "look" - so she begins to search for ways she might tidy things up. First she counsels Meriam, the overripe young hired girl, and then she begins to guide Amos towards his true calling, which will require a Ford van.

Play Time -> 44mn 21s


Amos' fire and brimstone sends Flora to seek solace briefly in a tea shop where she encounters and subdues Mr Mybug, a London acquaintance. Back at the farm, she meets Seth and discovers what, besides sex, inspires him. Volatile cousin Rubin slowly warms to Flora's planned farm management shake-up and even Big Business gets a breath of fresh air. Educating the otherworldly Elfine is Flora's next task, undertaken in anticipation of a fateful celebration for wealthy young Dick Hawk Monitor's birthday. Aunt Ada, who's gotten wind of Flora's efforts, makes a rear appearance downstairs just as the revellers are returning triumphant from the ball.

Play Time -> 44mn 8s


Aunt Ada rages, but Flora senses hope. As the news of Elfine's impending marriage rocks the clan. Amos appears and shocks them further. The next day, Mybug arrives with Nick, a casting director looking for a newcomer with animal instincts. After finding greener pastures for Rennett, the virgin, and the now bereft cousin Judith, Flora faces her biggest challenge yet. At Elfine's wedding breakfast, all is civility, freeing Flora to wistfully set off on a new adventure.

Play Time -> 42mn 48s
 Comfort Farm.PT01.Folk.avi Comfort Farm.PT02.The Woodshed.avi Comfort Farm.PT03.Doom.avi

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