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Peter Nestler - Am Siel (1962)

In his first film, Peter Nestler gives voice to an old floodgate. A nearby village, its inhabitants, wooden posts and twisted willow rods are presented from this unusual perspective. The floodgate ponders the fisher boats coming home from the sea along the shipping channel which is fed at low tide by a small river.

"From their hiding behind the windows, they send their offspring. They are to learn to read and write, and mathematics, and Goethe's Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage. For later, they must be able to deliver cleaning powder and count money, and me old sluice observes admiringly that one also writes letters from here, and sometimes I really would like to know what stories there are to tell."

Peter Nestler remains one of the most outstanding documentary filmmakers from German post-war cinema. Born in 1937, he created his first short documentaries from 1962 to 1965, including Mülheim/Ruhr (1964), Ödenwaldstetten (1964) and Rheinstrom (1965), which were a series of aesthetically meticulous and politically radical portraits of everyday life and working-class environment in Germany.

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