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Philip Gröning - L'Amour, l'argent, l'amour AKA Love, Money, Love [+Extras] (2000)

L'Amour, L'Argent, L'Amour (2000) was a hit in Germany this year, with the press praising everything from the actors to the director and plot. The titles were initially alluring, red and intercut with time-lapse firework flashes of a city on New Year's Eve. Helped by a restless camera, the viewer soon realises that it isn't going to be a "sit down and relax" type of experience.

David, an unemployed scrap metal wimp with his arm in plaster (Florian Stetter) and Marie, an impish, cutsie prostitute, (Sabine Timoteo) meet and spontaneously decide to leave town together. Normally couples elope romantically into the sunset or run adventurously away together, but Philip Groening's L'Amour, L'Argent, L'Amour (2000) this couple drive off into the snowy, bleak landscape. Copious shots of roads at night ensue (for this is a "road movie").

David initially doesn't like Marie prostituting herself, but suddenly he accepts it. He buys himself an expensive pair of boots and treats a cabbie to dinner whilst she "services" a client. At one point, the couple let a torn DEM 100 note flutter away in the wind, because they can't be bothered to stick it back together again.

The Movie
Alternative Ending

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