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Pietro Marcello - La bocca del lupo AKA The Mouth of the Wolf (2009)

he Mouth of the Wolf (original title: La bocca del lupo) is a 2009 biographical drama/documentary film written and directed by Pietro Marcello. It premièred at the 2009 Torino Film Festival in Turin, and won the FIPRESCI Prize for 'Best Film' and the Prize of the City of Torino. In 2010 it appeared at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Caligari Film Award and the Teddy Award for 'Best Documentary'
According to a reporter for Metro, the film "straddles the line between documentary and drama". It follows an Italian man named Vincenzo Motta (also known as Enzo) who is serving a long sentence in a Genoa prison. He meets and falls in love with a transsexual woman named Mary Monaco who promises to wait for Enzo when she gets out of prison. When she is released, Mary finds a home for them to share, but in the meantime, she becomes addicted to heroin.

There's magic and mastery aplenty in "The Wolf's Mouth," a docu-fiction hybrid that represents a breathtakingly impressive debut from Pietro Marcello. Though running a bare-minimum feature length of 70 minutes (six shorter than the press notes and Berlinale catalog claim), it packs multiple layers and subjects into its densely intricate but enticingly accessible structure. A highly unusual love story between a macho ex-con and a transsexual former drug-addict, it's also an exploration and celebration of their home city of Genoa, delicately examining the past's interactions with the present.

Enzo a passé la moitié de sa vie derrière les barreaux d’une prison. Multirécidiviste, le gangster Sicilien y a pourtant trouvé l’amour, et une forme de salut, grâce à la poésie. C’est son portrait que dessine Pietro Marcello, restitué par bribes, comme autant de morceaux d’une vie brisée, et celui de cette population marginale des quartiers Génois de Croce Bianca, Via Prè, Sottoripa, dédale de ruelles coupe-gorge. C’est aussi le récit d’une histoire d’amour hors du commun, nourrie de la longue attente d’un paradis simple où l’on peut enfin vivre ses moments perdus.
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