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Sergio Martino - Tutti i colori del buio AKA All the Colors of the Dark [+Extras] (1972)

Very minor spoilers on the second paragraph. All the Colors of the Dark (Tutti i Colori del Buio) is probably the strangest film Sergio Martino ever directed. While not a giallo in the most traditional sense, it seems logical to apply the genre's framework when discussing it, given that it showcases many of the conventions associate with films of this type, and also because it falls bang in the middle of Martino's giallo period, produced in the wake of The Strange Vice of Signora Ward and Case Of The Scorpion's Tale, and preceding Your Vice Is a Closed Room and Only I Have the Key and Torso. A brief glance at the film's credits reveals a wealth of giallo regulars. Apart from director Martino, we have screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, composer Bruno Nicolai, and a cast comprised of genre heavyweights, led by Edwige Fenech and George Hilton, often regarded as the giallo's "Golden Couple".

Obviously drawing heavily on the influence of Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby, Martino and Gastaldi proceed to weave a web of horror, filled with disturbing imagery, supernatural terror and lapses between dreams and reality. The story centres around Jane (Fenech), a young Londoner who recently suffered a miscarriage after being involved in a car crash. Her relationship with her boyfriend Richard (Hilton) has taken a turn for the worse, as she suffers from twisted nightmares and behaves as if she is in another reality. Jane's sister Barbara (Nieves Navarro) takes her to visit psychiatrist Dr. Burton (Georges Rigaud), despite Richard's incredulity, but when the nightmares continue, and Jane is stalked by a terrifying blue-eyed man (Ivan Rassimov) from her dreams, she turns to next-door neighbour Mary (Marina Malfatti), who suggests that she accompany her to a Black Sabbath. Terrified by the bloodletting ritual and mass orgy that takes place, Jane resolves never to return, but the Satanists are determined that she won't get away so easily. (Michael Mackenzie @ DVD Times)

* Main Feature (both Italian and English audio tracks)
* Interview with director Sergio Martino (20:15, he tells a lot about his other films too)
* Interview with actor George Hilton (6:20, mainly focusing on this movie and his relationships with Martino and especially Fenech)
* Alternate US title sequence and closing credits (3:20)
* Original Theatrical Trailer (6:13)
* US Theatrical Trailer (2:42)

Language:Dual Audio: Italian & English
Subtitles:English (.srt & .idx/sub
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