Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Theodoros Angelopoulos - O melissokomos aka The Beekeeper (1986)

A middle aged teacher retires from his career, dedicates himself to his hobby, and
embarks on a journey through Greece with his colony of bees in his lorry. Along the way
he picks up a young woman hitch hiker, and a relationship develops between them that
explores the depths of personal loneliness and and alienation.

Both Spiros and his young passenger have lost their perspective of the future - he is
living in nostalgic reminiscence of the past, while the young girl's life is one of instant
gratification, she seems to be aware of neither past nor future. Their inherent inner
isolation expresses itself in a series of futile, almost savagely physical attempts at
forming real contact with each other, that leaves the viewer with a harrowing picture of
disturbed, painful existence.

This is a slow, carefully composed film, a sequence of memorable images, some visually
beautiful, others showing the gritty harshness of life. There is a constant shifting
between dreams and realities that leaves what actually happens shrouded in doubt, and
a moody atmosphere of nostalgia that pervades the whole film.

An exceptional film that should not be missed by patient and observant people interested
in the exploration of human feelings.

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