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Vladimir Shnejderov - Dzhulbars (1935)

The film tells the story of opposing guards and courageous shepherd Djulbars gang, headed by former baem. Detachment Basmachi attacks on the peace caravan, wandering in the mountain villages, and old-conductor Shaw Murad (Nikolai Cherkasov-Sergeyev) with his granddaughter Pary (Natalia Gitserot) are held captive by the bandits.

The film was shot in the Pamirs, on the outpost in the village of Sufi-Kurgan, 150 km from Osh.

"... Matched to watch episodes of the material on the screen. At a regular display is present is illustrated by Lux - who plays the brave dog Djulbars border. He is, as befits a well-bred dogs, does not respond to himself, which, apparently, takes over another dog, nor horse, nor the actors. But when it appears on the screen each actor Makarenko in costume assistant chief outpost, canine heart can not stand. He learned friend starts quietly whimpering, wagging its tail and otherwise express their feelings in a loud, enthusiastic barking ..."
From the diary of the film's director, VA Shneyderov, 1936

According to the memoirs actor Andrew Veit, who played former Bassmachis, hiding under the guise of a shepherd, "the picture was not an exceptional actor's fortunes, or special director's findings. Nevertheless, she won an amazing popularity, especially among young viewers. "


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