Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Werner Herzog - Glocken aus der Tiefe AKA Bells From The Deep [dual audio] (1993)

imdb review:

Bells From The Deep is a fabulous look at the faith and superstitions of human beings living in Russia and Siberia. Herzog quietly observes his subjects and never appears obtrusive. The camera of Jorg Schmit-Reitwen (Heart of Glass, Kaspur Hauser) captures many incredible moments as Herzog and crew move from one subject to another with grace and wonder. Herzog never questions or dissects his subjects rituals or beliefs, rather observes and embraces them for all they are. As with all of his documentaries and features, Herzog peers into the soul of the most complex and simplistic elements of the human condition to discover an often surreal and beautiful inner dynamic. Elements of this film recall themes within Heart of Glass and many of his other works. Once again, the great Werner Herzog introduces us to a world unseen. A world of warm, unique, and strangely beautiful individuals and gives them a medium in which to share their personal existences, experiences, and dreams to the world. From The Deep.Xvid.ger.eng.avi

Italian subs

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