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Alain Cavalier - Ce répondeur ne prend pas de messages aka This answering machine does not take messages (1979)

Following the death of his wife in a car accident, a grieving, injured man whose head is wrapped in bandages returns to their apartment, smashes the furniture, and begins painting everything in sight black, including the windows, all the while raving about his past life and his dead wife. The story seems to parallel certain aspects of director Alain Cavalier's own life: his wife (actress Irene Tunc) died not long before in a car accident.

Born in 1931, Alain Cavalier attracted considerable attention from his earliest films, for his masterly style and political commitment, notably for "Le Combat dans l'île" ("Fire and Ice") in 1961 and "The Unvanquished" in 1964, which rejected the secrecy surrounding the Algerian War at the time. After making a crime thriller, "Pillaged" (1967), and an adaptation of a novel by Françoise Sagan, "Heartbeat" (1968), Cavalier joined the New Realist movement with "Fill ‘er Up with Super" (1975) and "Martin and Lea" (1977). In 1980, he made "Un Etrange voyage," a film made with great affection and finesse that won him the Louis Delluc Prize. In 1986, "Thérèse" was awarded the Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival and won six Cesar awards. This biographical story of St Therese of Lisieux unexpectedly charmed public and critics alike, commended for its unusual treatment of the subject: it makes a break with the narrative line in favor of a succession of sequences in which naturalism and humor leave no place for adulation or idealization. In 1993, "Libera me" created a new stir and was included in the Official Selection at Cannes. A short time later, Alain Cavalier directed twenty-four portraits of female manual workers. Following "La Rencontre," his eleventh feature film, he has recently directed "Vies" ("Lives").

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